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What is JA?


Junior Auxiliary represents a serious endeavor on the part of women to be active and constructive participants in the communities in which they live and to assume responsible leadership in meeting community needs.  It provides the member with the opportunity to serve and to be a vital part of that community.


The objectives of the Association are to unite in one body all Junior Auxiliary Chapters and members to promote National and individual Chapter purposes; to encourage members to render charitable services which are beneficial to the general public, with particular emphasis on children; to cooperate with other organizations performing similar services.  (Association Bylaws, Article II).  At the discretion of the Board of Directors a National Focus may be recommended to the Association.


The work unit of the Junior Auxiliary Chapter is the project.  A project is a planned undertaking in the health, recreational, welfare, civic, cultural, or educational field for which the Auxiliary has some part of financial or administrative responsibility.  All projects undertaken by the Chapter must be voted on by the Chapter membership.  No project should be undertaken which does not receive the attention of a sufficient number of members to benefit the program of the Chapter.  No P.T.A. or church project may be included in the Chapter program.


The work unit of the Junior Auxiliary Chapter member is the hour.  While the real impact of the service cannot be measured by counting hours, for internal purposes hours are reported in the following three categories:

  1. Administration: Hours worked to organize, administer, and operate Junior Auxiliary both locally and nationally.
  2. Education: Hours obtained in attending Chapter meeting, area meeting, and annual meeting; provisional training, seminars and programs which enhance volunteer skills and effectiveness.
  3. Finance: Hours worked to raise funds to cover Chapters and project expenses.
  4. Service: Hours given to serve OTHERS in the community.  Service includes welfare, community, cultural, and other activities.

 As an active member, you will need 24 service hours, 6 finance hours, and 12 education hours.  You must attend a minimum of six Chapter meetings per year.  You also must attend an annual meeting or area meeting sometime during your five year active membership.


The only requirement for hours as a provisional member is attendance at two/thirds or more of the regular Chapter meetings.  This means that you must attend at least four Chapter meetings by the end of April.


You have 60 days from the date of the even to log your hours.


Round up your hours - 30 minutes rounds up to 1 hour.


Chapter meetings only count for 1 hour - even if it lasts longer than an hour.


If you know ahead of time that you can't attend the monthly Chapter meeting, you can attend the board meeting instead.  You would mark one hour for a board meeting under education hours.  If you attend a board meeting and Chapter meeting in the same month, the board meeting goes under administrative hours, and the Chapter meeting goes under education hours.



NAJA Slogan

"Care Today - Character Tomorrow"


NAJA National Focus

"Healthy Children~Healthy Futures"


NAJA Mission Statement

To provide support, resources, and educational, leadership, cultural, and healthcare training

for NAJA members in order to optimize community service by NAJA Chapters.




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