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Junior Auxiliary Active Members

Shannon Alcaraz-Ellison Kimberly Hickman Booy Jeanelle Busch
Christine Jones Chafin Lindsey Teague Coverdale Christina Jager Decker
Kara Balentine Ford Shaunda Miles Goodwin Ashley Wilkes Havens
Julie Cooley Kelly Lorie Murry McMaster Chelsea Long Peeler
Carrie Stone Ramsey Robyn Arnold Shelley Sue Beier Studnar
Amanda Gray Tulgetske Becky Gage Vacco

Active members are those who have completed the requirements for provisional membership and have been admitted to active membership by a two-thirds vote of the board.  They shall be entitled to all the privileges and rights of membership, including the right to hold office and to vote, and are responsible for carrying out the activities of the Chapter.


As an active member, you will need 24 service hours, 6 finance hours, and 12 education hours.  You must attend a minumum of six Chapter meetings per year.  You also must attend an annual meeting or area meeting sometime during your five year active membership.


Round up your hours - 30 minutes rounds up to 1 hour.


Chapter meetings only count for 1 hour - even if it lasts long than an hour.


If you know ahead of time that you can't attend the monthly Chapter meeting, you can attend the board meeting instead.  You would mark one hour for a board meeting under education hours.  If you attend a board meeting and Chapter meeting in the same month, the board meeting goes under administrative hours, and the Chapter meeting goes under education hours.